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Eliminate debt and get on the path to financial recovery

Depending on your income, you could be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which may allow you to eliminate unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, cash advance loans, and personal loans. In most cases you'll even be able to keep your home, car, and other personal belongings.

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There could be significant benefits to Chapter 7 for you, including an end to harassing creditor calls, the elimination of repossession debt, an end to license suspensions and law suits, your car payment could be lowered, and garnishments could be stopped.

Chapter 7 may have numerous benefits for you

If you're considering bankruptcy, then you're already in enough debt. That's why Arthur Richard III makes it easy for you to get the representation you need. Just pay $100 down to get started. Payment plans are available to ensure you can file your bankruptcy right away.

Bankruptcy fees you can get behind

Bankruptcy doesn't have to be a long process, and it doesn't have to

be complicated.

Do you want to reduce your debt to income ratio?

Call today to find out how.


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